Since you are here, you must be seeking out a counselor/therapist.

So what is counseling or therapy? It looks different for each individual, but what it definitely is NOT is finding someone that can fix you.

Only you can make changes to yourself and a good counselor or therapist is your guide through the pitfalls and darkness that a person can find themselves trapped in. In short, they help you find a path to your own progress.

Path to Progress Counseling believes that mental well being is a fluid and interactive process. It is guided by accepted theories and approaches to counseling with an understanding that interventions and ways of using skills are tailored to the needs of each client.

Path to Progress Counseling offers a range of mental health and counseling services to Portland, Beaverton and neighboring communities with an easily accessible location in Beaverton.

Path to Progress Counseling offers counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, families and children that are dealing with any number of issues and concerns such as: Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Relationship Issues, Abuse, Gender and Sexuality Issues, to name a few. Please check out the services page for a more comprehensive list.