Lisa Johnson, MSW, LCSW

LisaPic_thumbI received my Masters Degree in Social Work from Portland State University in 1992 and became licensed in 2001. Since then, I have worked as a therapist and social worker in a variety of settings that have included schools, community mental health centers and crisis lines as well as my private practice.

I believe that therapy is an intense, engaging, and collaborative process and as such, I utilize an integrated theoretical model of therapy. I believe in an eco-systemic view of people in environment, and hold that we are interconnected with people and systems in our lives at all levels. When I meet someone, I am getting to see part of a wholly unique person affected by and affecting everyone in their lives.

My outlook and how I see the world and my work has been greatly affected by my life experiences. I have been affected by the people in my life and the situations that have occurred. I see people as so much more than a label of a particular religion, race, culture, economic status, gender, sexuality.

We are a balance of all things past and present.

The two best indicators of success in therapy are the relationship between the client and the therapist, and the therapist using a well thought out and consistent theoretical approach. In my therapy practice, I work from a systems perspective with a heavy infusion of ecosystems, family systems and developmental theory.

I adhere to, and work under the standards and code of ethics set by the National Association of Social Workers.